Washing your hands of plastic waste

Introducing our Touchless Sanitiser Dispenser Systems with plastic-free refills

Sustainable hand hygiene products

Wash Away Plastic Waste

Hand hygiene is non-negotiable. But should it come at any cost? Every year, millions of plastic soap refills are sent to landfill. Less than a third of our plastic waste gets recycled and a lorry load of it enters our oceans every single minute.

We know this isn’t sustainable, so we’ve created a smarter solution that safeguards hygiene without harming the planet – Zero™.

Zero is a revolutionary soap and sanitiser dispenser system using a 100% recyclable aluminium refill rather than the typical plastic bag refills. This pressurised system delivers the optimal amount of product every time with zero waste – and when it’s empty, it can be recycled over and over again.


Zero Dispensers

Our Touchless Dispenser Options

The Zero dispenser is available in two finishes and features a no-touch infrared sensor for ultra-hygienic operation. It’s easy to clean and new refills can be installed in seconds.

  • Sleek, chrome effect dispenser.
  • No-touch infrared sensor.
  • 3xAA batteries last 12 months+.
  • LED indicators show when batteries and refills need replacing.
  • Adjustable booster setting for hygiene critical applications.
Our Touchless Dispenser Options

Sustainable hand hygiene products

Zero Waste Refills

Hand sanitisers and soaps are there to protect us, and with eco-friendly refills from ZERO™, you can protect the planet too.

  • We don’t use plastic for our sanitiser refills. Often the plastic used in dispenser refills is single-use. Even if it could be recycled, plastic is expensive to recycle and can only be recycled a finite number of times.
  • All our refills come in bottles made from aluminium, which can be infinitely recycled using less energy and with a lower carbon footprint than plastic.
  • As they all dispense sanitiser or soap as a foam, mousse or spray they use less than liquids and gels, with zero waste.
  • Our alcohol-based moisturising hand sanitiser spray reduces water consumption as it doesn’t need to be rinsed off after use.

The pH-neutral, environmentally friendly formula of our alcohol-free hand sanitiser mousse also requires no water.

Zero Waste Refills

Why Choose Zero?

Most soap dispensers operate a standard ‘box and bag’ system – a plastic pump dispenser containing a bag of liquid soap. These systems can be wasteful and prone to leaking. Once empty, the refill bag has only a 30% chance of being successfully recycled.

Zero’s pressurised, no-touch system provides metered dosing, delivering the right amount of product each time with no leaks and no waste left inside the refill. Once empty, the refill can be fully recycled with no loss of quality.


  • One touchless dispenser is compatible with all Zero products.
  • Easy product identification with supplied labels.
  • 100% recyclable refills.
  • Precise dosing for more shots per refill.
  • Compact and easy to store.

Helping you live cleaner

Find out how much plastic you could save with our carbon calculator


What Our Clients Say

  • Creswell Crags is a spectacular magnesian limestone gorge that straddles the border between Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

    Creswell Crags chose Zero because of how great our dispensers look and how well they fit in with the state of the art museum. Also with the museum being totally green, our products suited perfectly.

    Finally, our system has meant that there is no plastic waste coming from the museum and have made a saving overall on the cost.

  • RDS Global was established in 1997, originating from the IT department of a Derby-based automotive dealer group. Focusing first on providing tailored network services; IT support, cloud, hardware and consultancy solutions were soon added to our solution portfolio in response to customer requirements.

    RDS chose our products because of their ability to work within their systems, the environmental benefits, and our great customer service.

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