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Zero Soap Dispensers vs Traditional Touchless Dispenser Design

Widely available automatic touchless soap dispensers offer few models that can really compete with the all-around effectiveness, quality, and eco-friendly credentials of ZERO dispensers.

The Coronavirus pandemic has meant there is a whole new focus on infection control and hand hygiene, with the simplest actions like touching a fuel pump handle being risky for transfer of infection.

The background of surging use of hand soap and sanitiser gel can mask the other cost to consider and that is to our environment. Huge amounts of single-use plastic soap bottle refills end up not being recycled and worse, can land up in the ocean.

ZERO is an automatic touch-free soap and hand sanitiser dispenser system using a 100% recyclable aluminium refill rather than plastic bag refill.

Zero vs Traditional

Zero Soap Dispenser Features

With our pressurised, no-touch dispenser system there is precise metered dosing, delivering the right amount of hand sanitizer or soap with no leaks and no waste left inside the refill. Features include:

  • Dispenser Colours – White or Chrome finish
  • Dispenser Mountings – Wall, Desk Mounted or Free-Standing
  • Dispenser Branding – With Your Logos
  • Refills Range that includes Hand Soap, Mousse or Hand Gel

The pressurised aluminium cartridge delivers the optimal amount of product every time with no waste at all and when it’s empty, it can be recycled over and over again, this is the perfect liquid soap automatic dispenser.

Touchless Soap Dispenser Product Range

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