Sustainable plastic-free soap and sanitiser dispenser refills

29 June 2021

ZERO™ is proud to offer you and your organisation a range of plastic-free soap and sanitiser dispenser refills!

Plastic-Free Refills For A Sustainable Net-Zero Future

Sustainable plastic-free soap and sanitiser dispenser refills

The Covid-19 crisis has put the spotlight on good hand hygiene, perhaps more than ever before. It’s widely acknowledged to be a practical measure to easily help minimise the spread of the virus.

Sadly, a consequence of this increased prominence in hand hygiene has been the potential for a shocking amount of plastic waste – items such as sanitiser bottles are often discarded after a single-use. In a time of heightened concern over sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint, this is a real concern.

Combine this with the visible uptake in the use of other single-use preventative equipment such as face coverings, wipes and disposable gloves – it would seem the problem is getting worse.

Taking action for a net-zero carbon future

The good news is that concern over our environment and sustainability is no longer a niche issue but very much in the mainstream. Earlier in 2021 the UK Government announced that some of the UK’s biggest companies are signed up to the United Nations’ Race to Zero Campaign.

It’s not only companies striving for a more sustainable future – but countries too are committing to a net-zero future.

At ZERO™ we provide a practical way for you and your organisation to maintain high standards of personal hand hygiene whilst recognising the need for a sustainable future.

You may already be aware of our touchless soap and sanitiser dispenser system – a perfect addition to your office, conference room, or civic building. To ensure these products have a long life, we also offer a range of zero plastic refills.

Eco-Friendly Plastic-Free Refills v Traditional Refills

Many traditional soap and sanitiser dispenser refills are contained in a plastic bottle or pouch. Given that a great deal of plastic is not biodegradable, these containers are often thrown straight in the bin after a single use.

By contrast, a ZERO™ refill is contained in an aluminium bottle, which can be recycled indefinitely.

Our commitment to a sustainable future doesn’t end there. Our refills are dispensed as a foam, mousse or spray – meaning a cut in liquid usage.

And it doesn’t end there! Our alcohol-based moisturising sanitiser spray reduces water consumption as it doesn’t need to be rinsed off after use! Yet another way we think about our planet. If you’re looking for an alcohol-free sanitiser refill, you’ll find our water-free mousse is the option for you.

Our ZERO™ Plastic Pledge

Ready to take your commitment to an eco-friendly future to the next level?

To learn more about our eco-friendly plastic-free refills, check out our refills dedicated page.

Got a question for us? We’d be delighted to help you. Just call us on 0330 700 7002 or email the team at Alternatively, fill out a contact form.

We look forward to helping you start your plastic-free journey!

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